Kije Outreach Empowered Over 110 Widows from the IDP Camps at Adara and Across Sabo
kije empowered

Kije Outreach Empowered Over 110 Widows from the IDP Camps at Adara and Across Sabo

To the Glory of God Almighty, today history was made as Kije Outreach empowered over 110 widows from the IDP Camps at Adara and across Sabo.

A big thanks to our team members and all our supporters of this project. We want to also appreciate GEM Clothing and the Management of Christ Ambassador College for their immense contribution to the success of the outreach programme.

We love you all and may the God of the widows richly bless you all. The widows were trained on how to make liquid soap, pomade, disinfectant (Izal), shampoo, Room freshener and 3 4 basic design of tie and die.

All product was as well distributed to the widows. Mrs Rachael Obi Yari encouraged all the women not to allow self-pity and depression to bring them down. But rather be filled with Joy for there children and they should see whatever has happened as God’s will for there life.

She further encouraged the widows to take advantage of this training to start up a small scale business for themselves. She made them understand that even if she decided to distribute just the product to them it will someday finish but since they now know how to produce them there is the tendency of them never running out of the product.

Comprehensive health talk about the importance of disinfectant to their health as women was said by Mrs Rachael Yari. Also safety tips of how to use reagent before, during and after production.

See pictures below.

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  1. Lets encourage them give hope, make them busy for profitability and sustanbility of good leaven

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