Rachael O. Yari the CEO Kije outreach Receives Award of Icon of Hope and Excellence in Service to Humanity
kingdom women award

Rachael O. Yari the CEO Kije outreach Receives Award of Icon of Hope and Excellence in Service to Humanity

The Kingdom Women Leadership award it fit to honour Mrs, Rachael O Yari with an award of Icon of Hope and Excellence in Service to humanity during her Kingdom Women leadership Award 2019.
This award was presented to her on the 2nd of June 2019 by Mrs Comfort Bush who is the President of when women pray Kaduna chapter.
As she receives the award, she was quoted saying, “while you live life, the world is watching and you never can tell who is watching, as a result, live your today knowing that you have a tomorrow to protect.” She was accompanied by her Husband who has been her drive and strongest support towards all she does. For her, she sees this Recognition as a call to do more in her quest for impact.
See pictures of the event below.

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  1. Wao, i celebrate wit my senior wife, wish u many more recognition nd higher u go. Cheers.

  2. Congratulation the Almighty God continue to Bless your contributions to humanity.

  3. Wonderful works there…may this be your starting point to higher elevation in Jesus name

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